Thankful Through The Pain

About the beginning of November in 2003,  just after we lost Matthew, everybody was saying Thanksgiving is coming up which was one of my favorite holidays.. Well his mom asked me what the Hell do we have to be thankful for now that Matthew is gone, I simply replied, I Dont Know.. I mean our hearts had been Ripped out everything we ever wanted and finally had after struggling for two yrs was gone… The question stuck in my mind for weeks, eating at me, what did I have to be thankful for… Thanksgiving day came, I struggled through the day, then night time came.. that seemed to be the worst part of my day, couldn’t ever sleep, it was to quiet.. and my mind would run and run about Matthew.. I had to take sleeping pills to make myself sleep, So I thought I would have rather slept through the day anyways, so I took one so I simply dint have to deal with the rest of the day. Again the question came forward in my mind, what did I have to be thankful for, So while starting to doze off, I asked GOD the question?? As I woke up that  morning I had these words cone to me running through my mind, I grabbed paper and pen and these are the words that were written………..

“Thankful Through the Pain”


I’m Thankful for my Friends that care

And for their Lives that I can share

I’m Thankful for my Family too

‘Cause they are the Bond that holds like glue

The Pain in my Heart is so deep

I know the Angels cry, when I weep

But it’s hard to feel so blue

When I know God’s Love is so true

As bad as our lives are now, and for a while will be

I’m Thankful that God’s watching over me

I’m Thankful for God’s Love

And his Grace from above

I’m Thankful for his Hands

And for his Footprints in the sands

I’m Thankful for the clouds in the sky

And for God’s sweet by and by

I’m Thankful for the moon and stars

And for Jesus salvation and his scars

So I’m Thankful that he bled and died

And I know that the Angels cried

For they brought down the rain

To ease away our grief and pain.


Written 11/25/03

Author: James P. Vinson



One thought on “Thankful Through The Pain

  1. Anna says:

    beautiful and so true.

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