Thinking of those in CT and their families suffering the terrible loss of their child, please pray!!!

As I sat in church service this morning, It was hard to enjoy the praises and hear about the blessings everyone had been bestowed upon them this last week, cause My heart has been aching for days thinking about all the dear families that have had to join the Grief journey that we are on… I teared up frequently..Since our pastor had foot surgery he was unable to give a sermon this morning, but to my surprise a young man around 20 came to the front.. As he started I listened, he went on to talk about things, and dealings in his own life.. But basically the point to the sermon, was keeping faith, building relationship with God, and knowing God is there all the time even when you struggle and fail sometimes and even when bad things happen, HE is still there! Then this emotion fell upon me, this feeling, I found myself up front on my knees, I felt a few hands on me, the pastor prayed, others we praying… to be better people, to give us all the strength to reach out to others in need,  then I prayed.. I know that God wants me to reach out to others and start a local support group Im trying to get started, So I prayed He would continue to give me the words, the strength and courage to speak and reach out to others cause having felt the grief, the sadness, the hurt, my own struggle with my faith after losing Matthew, that now I know these families and many other are facing, I just prayed that God in some way, could give them comfort I felt, take the Darkness in their life now, and somehow, let them know HE is there with them like he did to me and that through the darkness there is light, to take that hate and hurt they have and ease it back into love and peace, cause in any lose of a child, especially a tragedy like this, its easy to lose ourselves… I know myself, that Friday when I first heard, I was in shock, in disbelief that something like this happened again, I was so saddened and hurting for them… the Yesterday I woke and that sadness for them started to turn toward anger, then I remembered my own anger I had before… So today I prayed that they can have peace and comfort, I prayed that families like ours could reach out to them in some way,,, Cause individually its easy to fall apart, to lose ourselves even more, to turn toward anger, to lose hope… But together we can stand when we have no strength left, we can heal, through the tears and pain, together we can travel that road, that no one wants to be on a little easier knowing we are not alone! I pray that those who can help them can reach them in this time of need and beyond… I pray for all 27 of them, cause even the adults are somebodies child… Ill be lighting a candle for Matthew, your  lil angels and the new angels tonight!! God Bless you all, may you all find comfort and peace through your journeys!!! 


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