Heart Jumped Out and About Puked

Wasn’t sure how to start this post cause I know there are parents out their that have had a loss and had no other children, and those that have had children then suffered a loss, But for me I suffered a loss and then had one more child after. Due to this I have been very overprotective of my second child. I’m sure that anyone who has had a loss has become overprotective of your pregnancy and any other children you might of had before or after your loss. My first son Matthew had an accident climbing out of his crib which caused his death, so naturally as silly as some may look at it, cause what are the odds, Kaden my second son never slept in a crib,  Ever! And yes deep down, I worry to no end about him! But I also don’t stop him from trying new things and wanting to have fun, yeah there are things I absolutely say No too, but I let him be a kid…

Anyway, on Saturday my fiance and I took Kaden to the store while we were out running errands and for Easter got him a bicycle for our house, he helped to pick it out and was so excited. He had a bike at his mom’s house but I hadn’t got him one yet, so I wasn’t sure how well he could ride. Well I knew how much I was a terror on a bike and remembered all the stupid crap I had done, So worrying about him and what I had done, Naturally he was getting a bike helmet… Plus I had always remember what had happened to a friend of mines brother many years ago when he got hit by a car while riding his bike. Thank God he lived, but what they poor boy had to go though and how different he was after, could have been different they said…. if only he had been wearing a helmet. So we get home, I tighten up anything thing that the store might have missed, checked it over and he was good to go.. So him and I made our way to the park, I was walking and he was go about at his pace close by.. everytime we saw a car he got off the bike and pulled him and his bike over into the grass. The street we live on doesn’t have a sidewalk, but its pretty quiet and not very many cars come through… But he was being very safe, which was great, that he was listening when he was told about being safe while riding.. So we get to the park. Misty, My fiance had changed clothes, got her bike and she met up with us just a few minutes after we got there.. Then her mom came by with her bike. So all three of them rode around making a lil race out of it.. Kaden was so thrilled and they all had so much fun… Everything went great with no problem, he really was good at riding his bike.

We decided to take a break and go over to the swings and relax a bit.. Well Kaden, Misty and her sister and gone to the park the day before and while Kaden was swinging a lil bit he kinda went butt first right out of the swing and fell, Not hard or anything, but enough to startle him from what I got out of hearing about it… Kaden started to take his helmet off, and with Misty being a protective, caring and loving parent herself, said hey Kaden after what happened yesterday why don’t you keep your helmet on, he kinda snickered and said good Idea Misty, LOL. We were there for a while and everything was going great, we were laughing and having fun, he wanted to be swung just a little higher. Now after being told to hold on good and telling him to get his butt up in the seat more several times, Time stopped, my heart jumped out of my chest, on that last swing down, out come his butt, hands let go… He hit the ground with a Thundering CRACK sound. I had just been sitting in the swing next time him, next thing I knew I was on the ground next to him, then Misty was right there in flash, right about the same time he started to cry, we told him to hold still, let us look at you and check you over. With Misty being a nurse, I knew she would know he if was ok or not… Of course he kept trying to get up.. he was moving and not screaming out in pain that anything hurt.. As she held his head and neck I removed his helmet slowly and apparently said very loudly OH MY GOD. I guess that was about the time Misty really went from a very worried and concerned mother to that and also Wonder Nurse, cause when I said that, she told me she was looking and waiting to see were the blood was coming from and was ready to take action.. Only there wasn’t any blood and he was still trying to get up… we slowly got him up after checking him out.. he had stopped crying  and went to a Iil scared whimper… that’s when I showed her the helmet. the cracking sound had come from his helmet.. there’s a chunk of it that is now broke off of it only still connected by the chin strap..  After sitting for a bit  holding Kaden, Misty at this time points out to me, are you ok cause your white as a sheet, I Informed her, that’s probably cause I feel like Puking now! After I had a chance to calm down myself and my heart felt like it was beating again, I felt so sick to my stomach from such shock of OH GOD is he OK? Misty thank God, has never had to go through the loss of a child, but worrying so much about her own and some of the things her oldest child put her through, she always said her biggest goal was to keep her alive. Lets just say, she kept Misty on her toes 24/7 with the problems and things her oldest was dealing with…  I say this part, cause afterwards we were sitting there, and she just looked like her mind was lost deep in thought, I said hey are you ok… She said, I can’t really imagine what you went through with losing Matthew, But she said, this has really made me think again how short life really can be and how quickly something bad can happen to somebody. We have hugged him, her girls and each other a little harder since then… her being a nurse, she can handle intense situations, gross and unnatural things, so I’m not sure if she felt like puking. But I do know her heart jumped out of her as well that day!!   So moms and dads out there, love your children, tell them everyday, show them everyday, life is short and as most of us in the child loss area know, anything unfortunately can happen to them in the blink of an eye!


2 thoughts on “Heart Jumped Out and About Puked

  1. I am glad that you are all ok and that lil man left his helmet on:)

  2. Yeah hearts still beating, now I just worry about him just swinging, did great on his bike, LOL,,,, Mistys hear finally settled too, we were just talking about that last night again, no swing unless his helmet is on, now just gotta figure out something to keeps his butt in the seat and his hands on the chains!!

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