Week 3 – “Movies/TV” When the subject of infant/pregnancy loss comes up on TV or in a movie, how do you react? Yep, I’m behind again.. LOL
For a while any show or movie that I would watch I’d get really emotional and upset, I would turn it off or hit record so I could go back later fast forward past that point, sometimes it would involve the rest of it and Id just delete it all, It didn’t matter age or reason involving the child, I just couldn’t stand to watch.. But over the years I’ve been able watch things, sometimes stopping at first then continuing… one movie I watched that was pretty good, got to me in a few parts, but was still a good movie, Im kinda glad they somewhat addressed the issue, that not every pregnancy happens like normal, “what to expect when expecting movie” had a miscarriage in it.. In a way it got the word out that loss does happen and it affects parents… The other day I watched a movie my Fiance told me about that she watched on Netflix, when she couldn’t sleep and I was out like a light, LOL…. If you can stand to watch it, it’s called “Johnny” about a family that suffers a loss, but Johnny comes into their lives. The thing is Johnny has leukemia… I wont tell you the rest just in case you want to watch it, But I will say, I cried so many times throughout the movie, it was hard to watch, but the story was so inspiring in it’s own message, I couldn’t stop watching… I think it will always be hard to take in, watching a show or movie that deals with a loss in it, not many other people “Get It” but for us even being Television or Movies, as we know…. this is real life, it does happen!!!! So if shows continue to have story lines or even just parts in it that show a loss, as hard as it is… it is a subject that needs to be addressed, talked about and the general public needs to be educated that loss does happen.. things might possibly be easier on us parents if more people knew what to say and what not to say, or do or not to do… every little bit might help.. Just saying.. O:)

“Movies/TV” When the subject of infant/pregnancy loss comes up on TV or in a movie, how do you react?


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